Sailing on Tallinn Bay

Enjoy the pleasures of the sea on a comfortable yacht while sailing across the Bay of Tallinn. 

This lovely break enables you to enjoy the waves, wind and the most picturesque city panorama from the sea. Enjoy a glass of champagne and see how the skyscrapers and ancient church towers blend into the wonderful scenery.

It has been long claimed that the best sight of Tallinn and most enjoyable city panorama is visible from the sea. To make sure whether this claim holds true you can board comfortable yacht and sail across the beautifu bay. You will be transferred from your hotel to the port and accommodated on the comfortable yacht which has plenty of space for your group.

A sea cruise gives you a very different perspective of Estonia’s capital city. This picturesque stretch of coastline is home to many notable landmarks, from the Russalka monument to the medieval old town with a stunning skyline that has not changed very much in the last 400 years.

Lively and sandy beach in Pirita is favored by many locals. Just nearby lies the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Center, which was built for the Olympic regatta in 1980. Across the bay is Tallinn’s Culture and City Hall – unique sports and concert venue also from 1980.

You will pass the legendary Patarei complex which is a majestic building first erected as the sea-fortress of czar Nicholas I of Russia in 1840 and turned into a city prison during Soviet times.

Right next to it stands another architectural marvel – the Seaplane Harbor which was built as part of Peter the Great’s Naval Fortress in 1916-1917. Its seaplane hangars were first shell concrete domes of such size and magnificence.
This successful project was the predecessor of other outstanding buildings of the same style including the famous Sydney Opera House.

Lie back, enjoy your drink and taste our famous Estonian chocolates as the wind and the waves carry you across this part of the Baltic Sea.

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Available from spring to autumn, in case of suitable weather conditions.

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