Stories of Soviet Legacy Tour

Our guide takes you on a journey to discover the remains of the Soviet heritage in Tallinn. 

You will see historical architectural sites most characteristic to this era and hear the interesting facts and stories full of warm humor about the life back then.

Historical Tallinn has one more interesting alternative side to be discovered – the remains of the Soviet Union still left all over the city. The tour will enable you to see the sites and hear the stories of the life behind the Iron Curtain. You will see the most prominent buildings of that era – the notorious KGB Headquarters and Patarei prison. Also you will see Olympic Yacht Centre, which was especially built for the Olympic Regatta in 1980 and the TV tower – both were considered remarkable landmarks of the architecture of that time. Also you will see important monuments – the Maarjamäe War Memorial, the Bronze Soldier and the Park of Soviet Monuments. Of living quarters you will be introduced to Lasnamäe living district – the largest and most recent region built during the Soviet period. The entire journey is filled with interesting facts and humorous stories of those times – you will learn a lot about how people lived and fared during those times and how much the life has changed ever since.

All the Soviet era is now regarded with warm and humorous nostalgia and is largely described by locals as “time, when life was simpler, food was cheap and everybody had a job. Well, the shops were empty, but the more we needed to beat the Americans and even surpass them.” When the tour ends you will get a small souvenir – the DVD with a collection of the Soviet TV-commercials from 1980-es. Those TV-ads are considered classics nowadays and self-ironic Estonians take a lot of fun watching those – pretty much the same as they look back at the whole period and its‘ hardships.


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