NEW shooting game- Motorized Paintball in Soviet s...

We are ready for the outdoor fun & adrenaline this year with a NEW and exciting way to take the most out of an adrenaline filled paintball game- now become even a better strategist during your next paintball war in a cool Soviet style vehicle to take you around. Come and play the new Motorized Paintball Game by Fun InTallinn. Booking & more info m

Winter Activities brochure is available now

We are happy to let you know, that our New Winter brochure- FUN IN TALLINN activities 2015 is now available. Distribution through Tallinn Tourism Information Center, hotel reception areas and outlets around the city. Winter Activities Brochure FUN IN TALLINN 2015    

NEW WINTER ACTIVITY- Husky Farm Visit & Dog S...

The beautiful Estonian winter has finally arrived! Do not miss our NEW outdoor activity to enjoy fun on snow - Husky Farm Visit & Dog Sled Ride The Siberian Huskies are family friendly fluffy sled dogs eager to make new friends and give you a ride of a lifetime sledding on snow. A visit to the adventurous huskies  is a wonderfully memorable experience leaving no doubt that dogs really are man’s best friend. Wonderfully friendly Siberian Huskies  Dog Sledding - true winter fun!

Deluxe Shooting was selected as the thing to do in...

One of our most popular activities - Deluxe Shooting was selected as the thing to do in Tallinn by Ryanair Magazine. We fully agree for the following reasons. Shooting from real weapons is an activity which is heavily restricted in many Western European countries. As maximum, you may be able to shoot very small pistols. Here you can try small and big guns, from James Bond's small Walther P22 and pistol Glock to real American war gun M4 and the most powerful pistol in the world - Desert Eagle. Secondly, based on the feedback we have heard from travelers, the shooting range in Tallinn is the best equipped in Europe meaning that you can really have a once in a lifetime experience here. Lots of cool pictures to be shown to your friends will be an extra bonus!

Fun In Tallinn hosted Danish Artist Dingo

This week we had the pleasure of hosting the artist Dingo for one of our most popular activities, shooting in a range, during his European tour. We are pleased to share some images of the group enjoying a fun filled afternoon at a shooting range in Tallinn, Estonia. After experiencing a surprising amount of success in his home country, he is looking to conquer Europe with his unique mixture of talent and charisma. He is supported by a young crew of talented artists along with a strong team behind him. Besides his music career he runs his own record label, the renowned 'Crystal Label'.   For more information on our Shooting activity packages, please see: Shooting- Classic package Shooting- Deluxe Package